Eugene Ashley High


Home of the Screaming Eagles



Our Mission

"The mission of Eugene Ashley High School is to instill in all students a drive for excellence through achievement, honor, and service."

Our Beliefs

  • Our team of parents, faculty, staff and students provides a quality education for all.

  • We are all – students, faculty, administration, and support staff – responsible for providing students of diverse backgrounds and learning abilities with challenging, well-rounded, and positive experiences.

  • We will develop personal responsibility, community interaction, and a desire to achieve the goal of lifelong learning through providing a safe, orderly, and engaging environment.

  • Ashley High School is a positive learning environment where all students will be encouraged and have the opportunity to succeed.

  • We must strive to create a community among faculty, students, and parents that leads to a successful learning environment.

  • School must be about learning to live – not learning to pass classes.

  • Ashley High School must establish and maintain a safe and orderly environment that welcomes all.

  • Ashley High School provides an environment to awaken the learner in each of us and encourages learning as a lifelong activity.

  • We support each other to create and maintain an enthusiastic and positive atmosphere.

  • Students’ individual needs and interests must be determined early in order to engage them in learning.

  • Learning is an individual achievement in a collaborative environment, allowing all to grow.

  • It is vital to achieve obvious cohesiveness among staff members that serves as a model for and extends to the student body and community.

  • Every teacher will develop integrated curricula that are relevant.

  • Ashley High School is a learning community, which integrates personal, academic, physical, and professional growth to create success for all.

  • All students have the ability to learn; it is the educator’s responsibility to find each child’s learning style and aid in her/his development of the love of learning.